In view of recent events considering the profession of architecture, the entire fraternity is in deep thought about the liability of a professional in the field; making it obvious that the law to govern, protect and administer the profession is irrelevant in doing the same.

The Architects act 1972, has proven to lack lucidity and explicitness and failed to protect the profession. The Supreme Court, with the Act as its base, passed a judgement where the definition of a credible practitioner has become more indistinct than before. This ruling highlights the flaw in the Act.

A wholesome approach to empower the profession requires a new bill to be drafted. All concerned entities can partake in this process. Practitioners and Students of architecture who are most at stake must take this initiative.

The goal would be to table these proposals at the parliament in the winter session of 2020. Help and support from all possible sources are essential for a successful attempt.

A Call for Action

Hoping to serve as a bridge between the student, architecture fraternity, and the concerned authorities, we hereby urge the fraternity and everyone related to unite and raise the collective concerns about the consequences of the act, and help take it forward in an organized manner.

Opinions and suggestions can aid in drafting a more holistic bill, which will be more inclusive in terms of addressing a variety of issues from all facets.